Lesson Plan: Reliable Sources for Research

You have probably already come across the teacher who created a website all about the ‘tree octopus’ in order to teach his students not to believe everything they read on the internet, and may have already used it at school. If not however, here are some lessons using that website that will teach your students about finding reliable sources and making sure they cite them in their research.

Getting students to use great sources and more importantly tell you what sources they used can be quite the challenge. Many students see information on the internet as fair game and don’t realize that they are stealing someone else’s knowledge when they inevitably copy it word for word into their own work. We as educators face the task of teaching them how to use that information in a reasonable way and how to ensure that the information they are using is REAL and ACCURATE. I have had students cite the Onion on multiple occasions.

These lessons were created to introduce my students to research projects with the intention of starting genius hour in my class. If you don’t know about genius hour check out the sites below and we will also be adding more genius hour based lessons to the blog throughout the year!


Find the lessons through the link below!

Genius Hour lessons

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