Tech Review: Go Noodle

So many of you probably read the title and thought Go Noodle! Morgan you’re crazy go noodle is for 5 year olds! You would be right! However I have found it to also be a great tool for calming middle schoolers as well. Having spent a couple of years teaching kindergarten I feel I can say that kindies and middle school monsters are not really all that different. They’re a bit self involved with wonderful flashes of empathy and kindness and they love to be silly and show off for their friends.

If you are not familiar with Go Noodle, it is a site that has curated videos and content from around the web that allows students to get up a move within the classroom. It’s great for Daily Physical Activity and indoor recesses. The site allows you to choose a little monster that evolves as you complete more minutes. my 6/7’s last year were SO invested in seeing how the monster would grow I could literally get them to do the most hilarious videos just so they could get enough minutes to get their guy into the TRANSMORGIFIER. (yes that is what it’s called. Amazing right?)

Not every video on GoNoodle is going to work for your kids or your age group but I have found the Kids Bop choreographed dances to be a big hit as well as Mr. Cat Man, which is a weird as it sounds. I would highly recommend giving it a shot with your students! Especially on rainy days when they have been stuck in the classroom all day and just need to MOVE.



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